Ali Chapman of The Hostile Takeover Host’s Freakshow

The Amazing Ali Chapman

The Hostile Takeover with The Amazing Ali ChapmanActress Ali Chapman has had quite a year, landing a major role on AMC’s Freakshow and playing one of the main characters in the Jay Davis movie “The Hostile Takeover” an SGL Entertainment / R-Squared Films Release. A Native of Indianapolis, Indiana and now Living in Los Angeles California the “Amazing Ali” Chapman stands three feet, 5 inches tall and recently married Matt McCarthy 4-foot, 2-inches. The wedding took place on the Freakshow and has caused quite a sensation. The future looks bright for Ali Chapman, The Freakshow and her full length feature film The Hostile Takeover which will be coming out on cable TV and DVD later this year via SGL Entertainment and R-Squared Films.

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Jay Davis Launches New Prank Show Called “You’ve Been Shitted On”

Check out the pilot episode for Jay Davis’s new “Prank Show” entitled “You’ve Been Shitted On”. Join Jay Davis as he plays pranks on some close friends and enemies too. The only problem is some of the pranks don’t go as planned. Check it out!!