MisAdventures of J Davis Presents: Sexual Harassment III

Sexual Harassment III

The third instalment of the Sexual Harassment series: The Pervania Corporation has created a third PSA for its employee’s about sexual harassment in the work place. Lets take a look at some of these examples and try to help fight against this socially unacceptable trend.

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SGL Entertainment To Release “The Hostile Takeover”

SGL Entertainment acquires what could be the most funniest independent film of the year “The MisAdventures of J Davis Presents: The Hostile Takeover. Written and produced by J Davis and directed by Johnny Coughlin which was filmed in the Chicagoland area. The Hostile Takeover is a tale of how an average pizza delivery guy named Jay gets caught in the middle of the largest territorial war in the city’s history. As Jay avoids being killed by both sides in this brutal war, he must also prove his innocence to a trigger happy detective who believes he is the catalyst to it all. This hysterical urban comedy was inspired by the J Davis web series called “The MisAdventures of J Davis” which is available to watch on YouTube. So far the buzz on the movie and the web series have been quite impressive. And, J Davis continues to conjure up more over the top comedy with upcoming web episodes and a new film already in the works.

The Hostile Takeover Stars: Jay Davis, Black Jack Johnson, Giovanni Pauletti, Billy Ivy, Latony Vonzaa Gray, Melissa Marie Watson, Roy Metcalf, Natasha Pearl Hansen, Ali Chapman, Regina Calvin, David McNulty, Bill Merker, David Perry, Ray Berryhill and Calvin Harvey. “The Hostile Takeover” will soon be available worldwide through SGL Entertainment.

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